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This company told me everything was going fine with my loan. Even told me not to pay my May house payment because they were going to pay it, so I used the money to pay other bills. Each week there was another reason why the loan was not going through, but "No problems, we just need to do this..".

Now, my loan agent is on vacation, and another person is telling me they cannot get a loan for me. They had $4oo for an appraisal and all my information and I have no loan for my house.

Here I am, with no loan and a house payment past due. Hypotek, Inc. seems to be a total scam company.

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We are sorry to hear about the negative experience you had working with us and any miscommunication that occurred during this time. We strive to make the loan process as simple as possible for our customers.

If you are worried about us having your personal information, we can assure you that the technology we use to transmit documents is top of the line and highly secure.

The advisor covering for your original advisor who took vacation should have been prepped better to take over your case, with details to be filled in on and brought up to speed regarding your situation. We apologize for the poor communication between our team members and will make sure this is improved upon.

Miami, Florida, United States #1343983

No mortgage company or broker makes your payments for you, it sounds like you did not qualify for a loan, nothing else. Mortgage companies only get paid when they CLOSE on a transaction, so there is literally no reason whatsoever as to why any mortgage company would not want to close a loan. You sound like your upset that you did not qualify and are throwing around the blame.

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States #1187526

Helene Fortie is our loan officer.

She has been jacking around my son for 3 month re-asking for stuff over and over again.

We are losing the house and has cost us $6000. She had pulled our credit report 6 times in 3 months.

This company is a scam!!!!! Up to date, 3 months later, we do NOT expect to close.

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